George Wark Retirement

G.S. Wark Limited wishes to congratulate George W. Wark on his well-deserved retirement! George worked 40 years with the company and 22 of those years as president. G.S. Wark Limited will continue as an employee owned firm with the appointment of Craig Hambly as President, John Morrone as Vice President, and John Wark as Secretary-Treasurer.

G.S. Wark Limited is a mid sized General Contractor with over 60 years of history in the Hamilton area, completing approximately half a billion dollars of construction in that time with a diverse range of experience in the ICI sector. Some of the company’s most noted accomplishments include completing institutional facilities exceeding 100,000 square feet, with industrial foundation bases exceeding 2,300 cubic metres in a single pour and having completed over 588 multi-unit social housing and condominium units as well as Major Rail Layover Projects for Metrolinx. G.S. Wark has the resources to complete individual projects exceeding $35 million and our experienced team can expedite these projects through the typical Tender or Design Build processes.

Dedication and commitment can be seen throughout the G.S. Wark team as it currently employs several long-term staff members, including both Sima Siavash and Scott Fearnside who have been with us for over 30 years. The G.S. Wark team has continuously grown, expanded its expertise and successfully completed all construction projects. This is evident through our portfolio of Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential projects completed through the various methodologies of construction.

We wish George a happy retirement and trust he will use his “open schedule” to visit the many wonders of the world, spend quality time with his family and friends and enjoy the years ahead of him!