Metrolinx Capital Projects A Success For GS Wark

G. S. Wark has landed it’s second Capital project from Metrolinx in the last two years. First being successful on the Metrolinx Lewis Road Train Layover Facility in Stoney Creek contract in 2014, G. S. Wark is again successful in being awarded the Kitchener Go Transit Layover Facility beginning in late 2015.

  •  The Lewis Road facility valued at $19 million dollars, includes:
  •  Storage for four 12-car GO trains
  • Crew building complete with storage and parking
  • Substation building complete with communications room
  • Electrical system to power idle trains
  • Train fueling and sanding systems
  • Snow melting system
  • Automatic Train Location System

The new Kitchener Go Transit Layover Facility will have some similarities to the Stoney Creek site.