Health & Safety


G.S. Wark Ltd. is committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our clients, workers and sub-trades.

We achieved COR certification every year since 2017, and we boast an impressive safety record which is demonstrated by reaching our goal of over 10 years without a lost time accident. Our senior management, safety officer, project managers and site superintendents communicate on a regular basis to address the ever-changing safety needs both on a general and site-specific basis.
Our safety department consists of a full-time safety coordinator, and four certified joint health and safety committee representatives.
We will endeavor to eliminate unsafe conditions and minimize related risks by identifying and supporting safe work practices, promoting safety awareness, furnishing necessary tools, protective equipment, and providing training/education.
We will work together to protect everyone while promoting a culture of shared responsibility with collaborative program development and the open exchange of suggestions, ideas, and concerns.
Our safety mission benefits us all by minimizing exposures, reducing injuries, preventing property damage, and enhancing the environment at G.S. Wark.